Free Agent Rankings – Catcher

  1. Wilson Ramos
  2. Matt Wieters
  3. Jason Castro


Beginning with Wilson Ramos, it’s unfortunate that he tore his ACL near the end of last season as he had just posted career numbers in each category hitting wise. He wasn’t extended a qualifying offer from the Nationals. He now hits the open market with no guarantee of being the same guy he was this past year. Regardless he ranks first on my list. I expect Ramos to come back and be able to still hit. Not only should he hit, but he showed he could handle a pitching staff as he caught the likes of Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. He also caught closer Mark Melancon after he was acquired at the deadline. He also caught 10% more runners than the league average at 27% of runners thrown out. His 22 home runs and 80 RBIs were all career highs. While he may not perform at the rate again after injury, he’s still a viable option to get on base and continue catching an outstanding rotation. While looking for a four to five year contract, Ramos has said that’d he agree to something short-term.

Matt Wieters is a nice addition that could help behind the plate for some teams. Wieters may have hit a career low average wise, but his power is still there as he hit 17 home runs and drove in over 60 runs on the year. His switch hitting presence proves to be something teams will covet. He can also serve as a DH over the course of the year where rest may be applicable. Wieters was an all-star this past year along with Stephen Vogt and Salvador Perez. Maybe Wieters needs a change of scenery to spark the bat once again

Jason Castro is the worst hitter of these three but is in play here because of the way he plays defense and can handle the rotation. Being left handed gives teams reason enough to play him every day. He hit .231 against right handed pitching and provided 10 of his 11 home runs against right handers as well. While offensively he has regressed the defense continues to be elite. I’d expect the same type of hitting with a veteran presence that can handle a staff and help them grow and develop.


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