Free Agency Rankings – 1B

  1. Edwin Encarnacion
  2. Mike Napoli
  3. Steve Pearce

Edwin Encarnacion can play both first base and obviously DH. He’s the best power hitter in the free agent class this year. Encarnacion declined the qualifying offer that was given to him and decided to test free agency. He hit .263 while hitting 42 home runs and driving in a career high 127 runs. Encarnacion is a clear cut middle of the lineup batter who will provide instant run support once you plug him in. It’s most likely that Encarnacion would sign in the AL once again so he could DH instead of regularly play first base. He’d certainly fit in well between Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez over in Boston.

Mike Napoli has just come off a resurgent season in which he hit 34 home runs and drove in 101 runs. The man who once caught earlier in his career has made the move to first base quite well. After helping Cleveland make the World Series, Napoli has hit the market at the right time. The question will be if Napoli can repeat those numbers from this year for his new suitor. Napoli will add a veteran presence in the locker room and if his power numbers continue he’d be a great addition.

Steve Pearce finds his name on this list due to the great half he had with the Tampa Bay Rays. After being traded to the Orioles in July, he only posted a slash of .217/.329/.400 with three home runs and six runs driven in. With as good as he is against lefties (.309/.411/.607) Pearce will find his way into someone’s lineup this upcoming winter. While he may not provide a ton of power he’ll certainly add to the run total.


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