Free Agency Rankings – 3B

  1. Justin Turner
  2. Luis Valbuena
  3. Aaron Hill


Justin Turner is obviously one of the top hitters in the market. After rejecting the Dodger’s initial qualifying offer, Turner looks to cash in on his last season. He was able to put 27 balls over the fences for a career high as well as drive in 90 runs which was also a career high. With Turner having backwards splits by hitting .305 against right handers and only .209 against lefties Turner was still able to post a .493 slugging percentage that attributed to his successful campaign in 2016. And when you look at what he did against righties along with his .305 average, he slugged .563 and had 27 of his 34 doubles on the year, Turner certainly looks the part as new suitors will come after him this winter.

Luis Valbuena is an interesting free agent as he’s come off a solid campaign in 2015 with 25 home runs and 56 runs driven in. In 2016 however he did not have as much success as he only played in 90 games which could be a liability as he strained his right hamstring in late July. In those 90 games Valbuena hit 13 home runs and drove in 40 runs and was maintaining an average above .260. If that’s the Valbuena that teams will be getting when they sign him then they may have found a capable power third baseman.

Aaron Hill split time last year between the Brewers and the Red Sox and his Brewers campaign was the reason why he was traded. In 78 games for Miwaukee, Hill hit .283 and found himself on base around 36% of the time. However after being traded to the Red Sox Hill’s playing time diminished greatly with the platooning of Travis Shaw and Brock Holt, Hill only saw playing time in 47 games. Hill brings a nice veteran presence and a consistent bat in the lineup.


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