Free Agency Rankings – Starting Pitchers

  1. Rich Hill
  2. Jeremy Hellickson – signed with Phillies
  3. Jason Hammel

Rich Hill has revitalized his career. Coming over in the trade with Josh Reddick, Hill immediately made an impact in the Dodgers rotation. Despite missing multiple starts with a blister Hill went 3-2 and posted a sub 2.00 ERA for the Dodgers. He posted a career high in wins with 12 total and struck out 129 batters. His fielding independent pitching (FIP) of 2.39 was his career best as a starter. Hill has shown that he is worthy of a long-term deal and with his best year coming as a 36-year old theres not saying what he can do in the coming years.

Hellickson shocked the market when he accepted his qualifying offer from the Phillies for 17 million dollars. After a mediocre season with the Diamondbacks in 2015 Hellickson came over to the Phillies and improved upon his numbers from the 2015 season. He went 12-10 with a 3.71 ERA. He posted his lowest FIP since his rookie year where he only played in ten games and as he turns 30 this next year some of Hellickson’s best years may be ahead of him.

Jason Hammel was let go by the Cubs to go test the free agent market after aiding the World Series run. After going 15-10 and posting a 3.83 ERA it seems that Hammel will find himself a long-term deal somewhere he can aid the backend of a rotation. That’s where Hammel was this year and where he will most likely stay as he signs a new deal.


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